Dreams and Creating

How can we remember and learn from our dreams?

The same way we remember and learn in the waking state. We must be conscioussly aware in both states. Even in our waking state we are not fully conscious most of the time, and we don't always remember everything. Our brains scan all the information we receive during the day and filters out what is important for us to remember and the rest seems forgotten, lost in our subconscious. It is the same with dreams. We remember only the informaition that we have programmed ourselves to remember. We do this programming through our beliefs in the validity of dreams. What we expect from our dreams helps determine what we remember.

Our conscious recollection of our dreams is often proportional to our conscious recollection in the waking state. Being more consciously aware in our waking state helps us to be more consciously aware in our dream state, and being more consciously aware in our dream state, helps us to be more consciously aware in our awake state.

Joy is found through out the universe. To follow your joy is to become the universe.The key to any universe is through joy. All the universes big and small can be entered through their own vibrational patterns of joy. Universes await your visits, which are made possible by aligning with that vibrational pattern of joy. All it takes is an adjustment in our vibratory frequency and we can visit the universe held in the head of a pin, or the universe that holds the universe that holds the universe that you are in. There are countless universes going on right now in the very space that you are in. Like a radio, we only need to adjust the frequency to tune in to any of these universes. To turn the dial, we must first be aware of the frequency in which we operate. We cannot let go of that frequency if we are not even aware of it. We are afraid, though, to let go of our frequency, for we are afraid we will not be able to get back. But to get back, we merely have to turn the dial back, and that is easy because our intense focus on our present dimension creates a default setting for our consciousness to come back to. We visit other dimensions in our sleep every day, yet we are not generally afraid of not coming back.

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