Can Dreams Predict the Future?

One common question often asked by new dreamers is: “Can dreams predict the future?”

There are many stories of visions of future. I myself have had several dreams of a precognitive nature so I can attest that dreams can indeed predict the future.  I have visited places in my dreams, only to later discover them “for real” in the waking world. I have also met people in dream state who seemed familiar, only to later find myself face to face with them in the flesh. Anyone who spends even a little time searching the dream journal archives here will find more than a few interesting stories that hint to a deeper reality to be explored in dreams. This is the story of one such encounter that was truly life changing for at least two people, but perhaps more.

Her name is Lisa but she is know here as “themessenger” and the dream that started it all occurred years before we would eventually meet. At that time we both lived in different states in the U.S.A. and had never had any form of contact with each other.

This dream would be the first of a series of interactions that would continue to this day...

Our story begins, written from Lisa's perspective. The dream is exactly as it appears in her journal in her own words. The story that follows is a summary of the events written first from her perspective and then mine.

The Dream Guy

12/07/97 “Had a strange dream last night. Ha! Like my dreams are ever normal. Anyway, I dreamt that I saw a man from the future (I think) and he was playing a drum. He was in a church, only there were no pews. Anyway, he called me over and told me that he had something really important to tell me, but when I leaned over to hear what he had to say, he vanished. So, I got up to leave, but when I got to where the door was, it had vanished too. Then I got really scared, because I couldn't find my way out. I started panicking and pounding on the wall where the door had been, hoping to find a way out, but there was none. Then the man appeared and told me that there was no way out, that I was where I was destined to be. At first, I was really afraid of him, but he was very calm and said he had proof. So, we went into this room and he showed me a book, and told me that it was a book that I would write in the future and that it was very important to him. When I asked to read it though, he pulled it back and told me that I would have to go through some lessons before I would understand enough to write it. Then he told me that someday he would find me. Well, the way he said it didn't sit too well with me, because it was almost like I wasn't being given a choice in the matter, so I started to protest, when he grabbed my hair and told me that I should never deny God his will and that if I tried, I would lose my right to dance and that he had the power to make it happen. Then his eyes changed, and  I knew that he was telling the truth, not from an egotistical point of view, but from a spiritual one. So, I knelt and kissed his hand as a sign of respect (don't ask me on that one!) Then a crown of light appeared above his head and he vanished. He didn't look at all like Jesus, so I'm sure it wasn't him, but he was some sort of Avatar and a warrior too, which is really confusing because I'm not sure that it's even possible for someone to be both. What in nine hells did I eat before I went to bed????? That don't even sound like me! If a guy grabbed my hair now, I'd kick him so hard, he'd be trying to pull his balls out of his ass for a month! Whatever.”

When I first wrote this dream down, I was plagued by feelings of guilt. I was married at the time, and though my husband and I weren't exactly blissful, cheating on him was never on my mind. Just the idea that I had a dream about another man, left me feeling guilty. So I tried my best to ignore it. After all, it was just a dream. I mean really, warrior-avatars and floating crowns of light? Come on!

So I did what most people do with their dreams. I simply ignored it. After all it was “just a dream” and I had far more important things to attend to. But it kept nagging me and I had a very strong feeling that this was somehow important so I eventually decided to get some advice on this from the only person I knew who might know what was going on.

Tak was my dance teacher and a mentor in many ways. He was a Japanese man, now in his seventies, but incredibly fit for someone of that age, or any age for that matter. His understanding of the world and its many cultures was unrivaled in my experience; he knew so many cultures and secret things, which never ceased to fascinate me.

Taks' story is worth mentioning here for he was a living treasure. Oshun Takashi had been raised in pre World War II Japan as the son of a Samurai. As such, his training began in early childhood. The Martial Arts and the spiritual path of Bushido were a way of life for him and his family for generations.  But something happened to Tak that would cause him to choose to pursue a different path. While he was still a young boy a thief broke into his families home, crawling through his open bedroom window. His father, sensing the disturbance, rushed into the room and beheaded the intruder. The mans head fell onto Tak’s lap, where he sat horrified on the bed.

Tak never forgot the incident, and although his respect for the Samurai Path never diminished, his own inner calling was to change and lead him to pursue a different course. So it was that one night, when he had become a young man, and was ready to strike out on his own, Tak informed his father that he had chosen not continue the family tradition and follow the path of the Samurai. His father was devastated and remained silent for a very long time. According to the Bushido Code he was now honor bound to kill his only son.

Finally Tak’s father spoke. “I will give you one day head start.” he intoned solemnly.

Tak had known the consequences of his decision and had already made all the necessary preparations; he left that very night never to return.

The next day his father would begin the chase, to hunt down his son. They would not meet again in this lifetime. Tak soon left Japan and began a period of travel and exploration that would take him to the far corners of the world and initiate him to its hidden secrets in a way that few would ever know.

So it was that he would travel around the world for many years to study at the feet of the ancient masters. Once he had learned all he could he would move on to another country and another culture, and a new tradition to begin the cycle anew. Each time it was his dedication and sincerity that gave him entree to these ancient traditions. Soon the masters themselves would receive his as the living treasure that he was.

Eventually Tak came to America and settle down.  So it was that I was to meet this beautiful man as a young woman and be introduced to many fascinating traditions from around the world. So you can see that it was no great surprise to Tak, when I finally came to him and reported the strange incidents that were occurring and my dreams.

I explained my dreams to Tak in detail. He remained silent as I told him my story, then when I was finished. He nodded, as if he understood everything and smiled.

"You should write them down my dear, and save them... because someday I suspect that they will be important."

Three years flew by and I continued having dreams about a man who I didn't know. I would get the strangest messages for him, and visions of odd places that I didn't recognize. Absolutely none of it made any sense to me, but I followed Tak's advice and recorded them all, if only as a diary of the madness that I felt was slowly consuming me.

Then, one day, I was in my kitchen, baking, when I was overcome with the most intense feeling. I had the absolute certainty that my life was about to change, and that I would soon be making a move to Upstate New York! I really thought that I was finally cracking up. I knew absolutely no one in New York State, and could not for the life of me figure out why I would ever move there. Still, the feeling was so intense that that very afternoon, I went out, got some boxes and started packing.

The very next day, a close friend of mine came by and told me excitedly that he had secured a major business deal and was starting a new company in Upstate New York. He asked me if I would consider relocating and becoming both an employee and partner in the business. I pointed to the boxes, which were now filled a good part of my living room. “I'm almost ready to go.” I grinned, glad to discover I was not crazy after all. He was astonished and grilled me for days about how I had known about the pending change. I am not sure if he ever accepted my explanation of the “feeling” in the kitchen.

That August (08/2000), I made the journey driving everything I owned in a U-Haul to a town in upstate New York.  Nestled in between mountains and rolling hills, this was the paradise I had been looking for. People here were friendly and open, and when I smiled at someone, they smiled back. Best of all, there were endless forests to explore and mountains to climb. I had come home.

Four years drifted by in relatively normalcy. The dreams continued, and by now I had grown accustomed to them.

Then one day, Brenda, a good friend of mine, called and told me about a drum circle that met regularly in a nearby town. Brenda had been there a few times, and really liked it. I had been home with the kids for most of the last four years, so a night out for adults was exactly what I needed. We carpooled and drove 45 minutes to the church where the Drum Circle met.

When we arrived at the church, that old familiar “feeling” of deja vu washed over me. I shivered. Somehow, I knew that things were about to become very interesting. As I walked in, the set-up in the room struck me immediately. There were no pews in this church at all, which surprised me.  I had never known a church that did not have pews. Instead, the chairs were stacked along the edges of the church and then set up for worship services or in whatever manner was necessary for the use of the chapel. That night there was a ring of about twenty chairs in the center of the chapel. Sitting in the circle the drummers were already going at it full tilt while a few dancers swayed to the music.

I froze; there at the far end of the circle facing the door was the Dream Guy from my dreams. It was the exact same chapel and the same lighting as my in dream. Feelings of fear, panic, and what I can only describe as pure astonishment paralyzed me instantly.  A thousand thoughts overwhelmed me all at once. Brenda's voice finally broke into the spell and pulled me back into the present where I stood, frozen at the doorway.

“Lisa, what’s wrong?” she asked. Her worried voice pulled me back to reality. I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the lady's room, where I quickly told her all about the dreams I had been having for years and the man who was there, IN THE FLESH! Luck must have been with me again because Brenda took it all in stride. She hugged me and told me that there is a reason for everything, and that I shouldn't be afraid. After all, had any of my dreams ever indicated danger?

Reassured, I went into the room and soon I had lost myself in the music, dancing the night away. By the end of the evening I felt right at home. It was the best time I had had in ages. After the drumming ended, and people were cleaning up and preparing to leave Brenda introduced me to the "Dream Guy" as I had come to call him. I confess that I was quite intimidated by him now that I had found him in the flesh, but he turned out to be quite charming. We talked for a while mostly about drumming. Then I took a deep breath and broached the subject of dreaming.

He smiled pleasantly and to my utter surprise launched into a few delightful stories on the subject. It quickly became obvious that he knew quite a bit about the subject. I reluctantly found myself slowly confiding in him more and more information about my own experiences. Far more than I had intended to reveal. But his candid discussion on the subject was so open and compelling that I finally found myself confiding in him that I actually had dreams about him before. I braced for a disaster. But instead of treating me like I was a freak, he simply smiled with delight and said, “Then I suspect we shall be the best of friends.” 

The following week was absolute torture. I hardly slept at all, wondering what it all meant. I knew that I had to share my dream journal with him, but I was terrified. I wished I could call Tak for advice but he had died several years earlier.

I called Brenda to get some advice on what she thought I should do.

“What if he thinks I'm crazy??? Or worse yet, what if he's crazy and he tries to hurt me?” Brenda took my ramblings in stride, patiently listening to my worries. Then she suggested a plan. We would go to the next Drum Circle together and I would give Sevenhawks the journal. Now Brenda had a black belt in Karate, so I felt a measure of safety with her by my side. The plan was, I would show him the journal, and if for even a moment, I felt unsafe, we would high tail it out of there. But all my worries and concerns proved to be unfounded. Sevenhawks of course was none of the things that I feared. He proved to be a kind, patient and intelligent man. He accepted my journal with a mixture of surprise and curiosity. It was obvious that he was intrigued yet somewhat skeptical when he discovered the scope of the material. We sat there talking on the steps of the church for a late into the evening and we agreed to meet again the following week.

I had no idea at that time that this was indeed the beginning of an unusual friendship; one that that continues to this day.


(part be continued)


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