The Story Behind Dream Journal

I haven't formerly introduced myself. My name is Kelly Matthews, I go by webdiva here on this site, and this is my story.

Long long ago (age 14) on a couch in Cincinnati I took a nap. I found myself paralyzed, unable to move, and found it very difficult to breathe. I heard 2 ladies in the room talking, someone in high heels kept walking by me, and was able to see the room but it was fuzzy. I knew that I was caught between some sleep wake state but was definitely a bit freaked out, especially once I tried to talk and could not. Finally I woke up, surprised to find that I was alone in the house. So who did I hear talking? Who was it that walked by?

For the next 4 years I had these experiences nightly, sometimes 3-4 times a night. I was completely sleep deprived through high school and the experiences were more often than not, extremely terrifying. The hardest part for me was being unable to breath, I was over taken by fear each and every time and on top of it there was always what appeared to be a dark presence in the room.

Since there was no internet back then, I didn't have the luxury of looking it up online. I told no one about my experiences. Once I went to college they diminished to maybe once a week and then finally about once a month. When I turned 28 I had heard about lucid dreaming and started doing some research. Upon researching I ran across an article on "sleep paralysis". I almost wanted to cry, I was reading about what I had been experiencing for 14 years. I read the reason behind it "feeling" like I couldn't breath, and how it usually happens when you fall asleep on your back, which I always did. For me sleep paralysis always took hold immediately upon going to sleep vs waking up, as it does for many.

With this new found knowledge I was excited to experience it again and see if I could remind myself that I could in fact breathe. Ultimately I wanted to get past the fear to see if there was more to the experience. So later that week I had an episode and I reminded myself "You can breath, calm down" and eventually my breathing slowed and I was calm in this state. The "entity" was there but I no longer felt threatened. So I wonder if I brought that fear and darkness on myself. I asked the entity, in my mind, to walk over to my bed. It did. I asked it to touch my leg, I felt a hand on my leg and immediately freaked out and woke myself up.

I was ecstatic! I felt completely liberated and couldn't wait to see what else could happen. Over the next few years I used the episodes as a launching pad for both out of body experiences and lucid dreams. I even got to a point where I could fall asleep without losing consciousness. The first time that occurred I thought I was dying, but then realized I just witnessed myself fall asleep. It was as if everything changed frequency, sound, light etc. I opened up my "eyes" and could see myself from my first person point of view. Basically I was still in my body and just laying on the bed looking down towards my feet. I saw this beautiful green light pouring out of my chest. I knew what chakras were by name, but didn't know anything about the colors, locations etc. I felt open and full of peace and love. I woke myself up and immediately googled charkas to find that the heart chakra was indeed green.

Another time I feel asleep without losing consciousness, I sat up, in what I am assuming was my energy body and I could see the entire loft that I was in. Everything in the loft had an aura around it, it was amazing. I was seeing beyond what I could see in the physical. This of course was just the beginning of not only my dream exploration, but my spiritual awakening. I had always a been seeker of truth and always will be but these experiences (along with some others) were enough to confirm to me I was on the right path.

In the process of finding out about lucid dreaming when I was 28, I decided to build a website. See, I'm a web developer. I've been programming for almost 20 years now. I specialize in building interactive database driven websites. So I decided why not create a site where people can record their dreams, plus it would be a great way for me to hone my skills. So in 2001 I created the first online dream journal 
It has had several inceptions, we've collected data on over 200,000 dreams to date and we have some awesome plans for the years to come.



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