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The View from Above

Friday, April 10 2009

I dreamt that I was sitting in a jet air plane over a green checkerboarded land scape. Off to one side was the sea. I was a passenger. The jet must have been one of those ulta modern ones. The top of the hatch was all window, so you could look up and see into the sky. Something made the hatch crack open, and there was a huge jagged break in the glass. This only worried me slightly. I stood up and leap out of the huge gap, and pressed my right hand down towards the ground miles below. I thought i

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If I had a Hammer I could Fly

Friday, April 13 2007

The dreams I had from last night were very very long and complicated, so I can't recall all what I dreamt, but a few things stood out. At some point I encounter a large boar, but it's not like a normal animal, either, it's like part metal or something, like a cyborg-pig. It's very aggresive and attacks me. I don't remember where I got it, but I have a huge hammer, and beat the boar with it. The half robot animal contiues to attack as if nothing has hit it. I keep hitting it as hard as I


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