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Writings from a Neo Nazi Skin Head

Tuesday, January 24 2006

In this dream everything seemed to happen after the fact. I was about to fill in a review on an 8.5x5.5 peice of blue card stock paper how I rated my student's writing assignment. Apparently my student was a prisoner, a neo-nazi skin head. So I was about to write some notes about how interesting his writings where then I casually glance over at a place where it asked me to describe "personal poetry" I thought to myself, *he didn't write any poetry* then I realized, *hey, what the hell did he

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Terrible Mother

Monday, November 7 2005

In this dream start off as an observer. The story seems to be something like this. A mother and her grown daughter are in a house, it's the mother's house. While in the kitchen the mother comes across a utinsil or something that when the daughter was very young got broken. Back then it made the mother very angry, and she punished the girl, and for some reason or another this made me angry all over again. The poor daughter is viciously attacked by her crazy mom. I feel horrified and try t


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