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Zombie Vampires in a White Castle

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 2 2010

I was in a white castle sort of place, but it had a big open stairway sort of thing in the center. It wasn't actually stairs, but a ramp that wound around a big open pit. The castle was evidently inhabited by vampires, but not the really mean kind. They still wanted blood, but they were kind of almost apathetic about getting it. They were slow...kind of like zombie vampires. Anyway, one of them got me angry or got too close or something and I kicked him or her down the pit/spiral ramp, very much

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Zombies and the Mysterious Man in Blue

Thursday, March 5 2009

I think it started out where I was with some other people in a field. It may have been snow-covered. I think it may have been a weird version of my grandmother's house. I don't remember who any of the other people were...maybe classmates? Or coworkers? They sorta seemed like that. There was one person in particular that stood out. I don't know who it was, but he wore blue and was tall and thin. So anyway, at some point, and I don't remember how it turned into chaos, but zombies started attacking


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