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Tolerance/Giant disease

Saturday, February 17 2007

It felt like I was in North Carolina in the 1930s. I was standing on a rocky road by a restaurant when I saw all these black people standing around and a white woman closing the door of the restaurant. I asked one of them (the dream sense told me he was a good friend of mine) "She didn't just lock y'all out, did she??" I went into the restaurant and I was trying to talk to the woman about her restaurant. When I glanced to a window, I saw a van right by the glass with all these old ladie

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alien baby and giant/with group of girls in various scenes.

Monday, October 25 2004

Earliest I remember, It was almost like a "The Sims 2" kind of appearance. While I was looking at it through camera angles, it was still reality. I believe there was some kind of lot where it was a small hill with a garden type of area and a white picket fence around it. There was a green alien baby wriggling in it. Suddenly, a fire erupted in the garden and I panicked, trying to send someone over to get the baby. Somehow, I did something that caused the baby to touch a rake and "pop"


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