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Just some stomach virus hallucinations #1

Lucid Intent
Sunday, November 24 2002

I ate way too much ravioli last night. It now feels like I have a stomach virus. It's hard to peacefully sleep when it feels like you are filled with pus. The only things I remember dreaming about last night was a fractured narrative involving a wooden shack/hotel. I was hiding in it. My mom was trying to show me some things in a catalog she wanted to order for me. I ran up to the top floor of the shack, and it was a room made of old rotten wood. It smelled like whisky. My mom

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I escaped!

Thursday, November 21 2002

I was having a good time in another dream when all of a sudden I was dropped into another environment. Suddenly, I was in a school building. Throughout the dream, things seem to jump ahead, like as if it were a video tape being fast forwarded. Students were buzzing all around trying to get to class. The building was like a human aunt hill- built of concrete block painted light yellow. There were all sorts of stairways and passages and ladders and even fireman poles. It was crazy!

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Bees stinging me

Tuesday, November 12 2002

I was in an island town for some church group field trip. My dad was with me. Some stuff happened that I can't remember. All of a sudden I started seeing lots of bees. A swarm of bees could be seen coming from an adjacent land mass. Someone informed me that in order to live on or visit the island, we had to give ourselves to the bees twice a month. There was no escape from the bees- they'd find you no matter where you went. So it was best to stand still and let them have you.


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