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night mare

Lucid Intent
Monday, May 5 2008

A haunted house. My mother, myself and some friend in a swamp. A big snake comes towardsmy mother. We get out of its way. Raquel is back. We get togheter butsheisleaving me, she hasanotherboyfriend. She get a car and I jump in front of it. I provoke a crash. She finally says she brocke up with me cause otherwise everything would be too easy, I was too fond of her, I would be dependent on her. The dream ends with me in a bus telling mom about what Raquel told me. I remember much detail a

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three scenes from a night full of dreams

Monday, February 25 2008

. My sister is revealing to me my "manias", things I do, specially with the body, nervous "tics". She shows me something I do with my eyes. . I leave a bus and an old ladie in a weel-chair follows me. I help her to get down the bus. A girl, maybe her grandaughter is guidding her. I became friends, helping the girl drive the weel-chair and we get to a restaurant. There are two restaursants in that plazza, we got to the more fancy and expensive one. We look at the food but the


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