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Old closet, trans* issues.

Monday, March 26 2007

Amberly and I were leaving somewhere, a museum of some kind, I think. We were in the car, driving out of the parking garage. I was pre-T. We were lesbians. I became aware of this, and it was a relief. We got home. She brought a mouse out of her pocket and we put him in my sink that didn't drain well, and we turned on the water, just enough for it to cover his feet. He drank from the water and we kept refilling it to the same level as he drank. At some point, it changed into a small blue

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Lucid dream to false awakening.

Lucid Intent
Sunday, July 23 2006

I dreamed I woke up and left the apartment to go to the store. When I got outside, the parking lot was almost empty. It was quiet. There were no other people outside, and I couldn't find my car. I knew I wouldn't have parked it anywhere else. This made me wonder if I were dreaming, so I decided to test. (I almost didn't, thinking about how stupid I'd look if I were awake.) I jumped in the air, then found myself suspended above the ground horizontally and spinning. I was going to do somet


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