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International people, lucidity, surgery.

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, July 31 2007

I dreamed there were two new students in one of my classes, a girl from Cambodia and a guy from Puerto Rico. I performed surgery on his chest right there in the classroom even though I wasn't licensed to do so. No one noticed. I caught up with him a few days later and it was fine. In another scene, Amberly's huge family stayed with us in the apartment and I met another one of her grandmothers who looked like a cross between her two real-life grandmothers. Then I found a hidden room, a

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Thursday, July 12 2007

I dreamed I met Tim Burton and asked him all these questions, but then he refused to give me an autograph because I didn't ask before the interview was over. Then I dreamed I showed up to the first day of clinicals but forgot my scrubs and stethoscope and everything else. I begged the instructor to let me run home and get them, and she said OK, but on the way home, people kept stopping me to talk to me and I knew there was no way I was gonna make it. My dreams have been incredibly vi


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