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Seduced By The Snake Lady

Tuesday, November 19 2002

One dream from yesterday had an adult aspect and, again, an animal. (I wish I could explain this, I really do.) In this one, I was Timothy Hutton's character Archie from Nero Wolfe (that was on TV while I was sleeping) and I was running around outside my house, trying to escape this large snake-woman. She was like a Naga or something, a snake with a woman's face. Not smooth either, but segmented almost, pale green and kind of ugly; I wouldn't know about her face, but I feel it was harsh looking.

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Secret Weapon: Rhonda

Tuesday, August 6 1996

There was some kind of ballgame going on in the rain, and I thought that was kind of stupid. For some reason I have written down "argument," so I think I was arguing with somebody--"You can't have a ballgame in the rain!" I can't remember exactly why, though. The losing team had some kind of secret weapon and she stepped out--and it was this really sexy woman dressed in skimpy clothes!! The announcer said, "Behold! Rhonda!" or something like that. She was chewing gum and seemed kind of ditzy; as


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