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Pirate Ship

Friday, December 28 2007

This was a mystical dream, it was the year 1812. On a pirate ship, knew the Captain. His beard was jet black and bushy, he may of been related to my love. A very jolly fellow. We were preparing for our wedding celebrations. Next thing I knew we are outside of the wheel house, the Captain states that his ship was being overtaken and we had to be smuggled off the ship. I looked down and there were all these men below in a stand off. There was this huge Scarlet serpent wrapped around the

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Out of Reach

Tuesday, November 27 2007

Found myself in this empty apartment that had 10ft ceilings and there were two phones, one in each room, they were high up on the wall that I could not reach them, I panicked and called out the name of a friend to come help me ( I vaguely remember him bringing me a chair to stand on) In the next moment I find myself speaking to this older (well to do) woman that started to talk to me and was interested in information that I had, she was doing an article and thou


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