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Tragic Story

Thursday, April 21 2016

      This dream begins with an introduction of a seemingly naive and completely clueless girl, and we are all near this oil rig place, with a gigantic tower in the distance. However, as the story goes on, it seems that she has some friends, and actually knows many things. In fact, as she begins to talk to me, some people are against her, so much so that they actually annoy me. I comment that I can "Defeat them by speaking only three words" while holding three fingers up

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Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Wednesday, February 17 2016

            In the whole dream, I was always a little bit lucid. In the beginning of the dream, a man asks me to do something for him, to which I reply it is easy. I look around to be sure that I can use 22, as the lights are the bit dim. Despite my doubts, I manage to perform his task (using 22). Afterwards, another guy (not sure if same person or not) gives me some easy sheet music. The music consists of many eighth notes, with some eighth-rests in betwe


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