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The (two) Great Adventure(s)!

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 11 2014

I become slightly lucid and decide to go on a great adventure/quest, where I go off in a flash, slaying monsters, gaining treasure, and saving people, incredibly quickly and efficiently, while still attempting to create drama and suspence. After all of that, I see this old man, who congradulates me on my completion of the quest, and I conclude with a lesson I learned. [I cannot remember the lesson, regardless of the fact that I told myself that I HAD to remember the lesson, thinking that it coul

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The Witch of 2:30

Tuesday, August 28 2012

I enter a restroom. A vent is above me, and suddenly wind blows quickly from above, forcing me down onto the floor. As I cower, I think: This is just like the Griffin! (Reference to a real roller coaster in Busch Gardens) Then I get up, seeing a strange creepy woman in the middle of a dark room, other people beside me watching her, and she starts rambling random times: "It's 12:00, it's 6:45, it's 1:11, it's 9:56....." [NOTE: Obviously I do not remember these exact


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