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Inside (and) Out

Lucid Intent
Monday, July 20 2015

Note: This dream felt ridiculously long, so somethings may be wrong.          This first part is very vague.  I see an almond-haired girl supposedly chatting with her friend. The almond-girl has her back to me the entire time and I cannot see her face. It seems that the almond-girl is jealous of her friend for some reason, and they had a misunderstanding, so the friend just walked away, annoyed, while the almond-girl frowns. In third person view, I console the gi

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Monday, June 29 2015

      I am walking to some place across a swamp, however, the ground aggravatingly slows me down for some reason, and I can only high-knee my way across. A mysterious being or a person is timing me, and I have to make it across the territory before a point in time, otherwise I will be petrified in place forever. I lumber around, walking faster and faster, fearing I wouldn't make it. The being starts counting down, and I slide down towards this land, thinking I had ma


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