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Perfect Plan

Sunday, January 29 2017

       I am in a slightly dark area when I see my future self. He tells me to shush and then does his thing. He helps out the people in the area (who interestingly enough do not think we are the same person), protecting them from threats. His plans are absolutely perfect since he knows exactly what will occur next. He is totally calm the entire time and people are incredibly impressed by his smoothness and his mysterious aura. Seeming to bluff and act his way through the trou

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Incredible Villain and Protagonist

Monday, September 12 2016

   Voldemort is displaying an evil chamber to someone, and he explains how he managed to trap practically every DC and Marvel hero there, including Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, and also even managing to seep their power for his own usage. As he speaks, a scene shows how he trapped Green Lantern: as Green Lantern flew through the sky, a field forced him downwards, crashing through the glass, and he was soon trapped by the immense force, which even his Green Lantern ring cou


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