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Action! Romance!

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, August 1 2017

I am near a river and I am fighting a ninja, presented as blurs of black shadow. It is explained in scientific terms by a deep voice narrator, with backing soundtrack along with a graphic, that my power is sapped --"from here, the aura (which looks blue) current flows from him into the water"-- as I fight him toe to toe. I comment on how it is cool that "something finally has a scientific explanation" instead of being gone unexplained. It is very hard for me

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Movies; Dancing; The Building

Tuesday, September 6 2016

      A man is presenting a slideshow with a red background with transparent bubbles, explaining "the top 45 movies of all time", half of which comes from Chaplin's time, the other half from modern 2000's. He explains that number 45 best movie is Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 (which is only technically a "movie"), with a picture of Benedict on the screen.      Then, I dance with mom and sister, being happy while zumba-danc

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Fun Place

Saturday, April 18 2015

   My family and I are in a place where we seem to be having a vacation (this is only implied after I wake up). We eat fancy food in a fancy restaurant where we also see other people. The food is very delicious. We then walk to this stadium where we watch something. Afterwards, some guards dance around very seriously, but also very well, along with heroic music. We copy their moves and I note how they are "stealable", even missing part of the moves (and if you read my dreams


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