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Movies; Dancing; The Building

Tuesday, September 6 2016

      A man is presenting a slideshow with a red background with transparent bubbles, explaining "the top 45 movies of all time", half of which comes from Chaplin's time, the other half from modern 2000's. He explains that number 45 best movie is Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 (which is only technically a "movie"), with a picture of Benedict on the screen.      Then, I dance with mom and sister, being happy while zumba-danc

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Lucid Intent
Friday, April 29 2016

            There is a dark cavern-like scene [except the cavern is dark-mahogany instead of the black associated with normal caverns], with many unusual characters in there (almost like creatures from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends). It is dark and terrifying for all the creatures. We try to escape, but find only that we are surrounded by spider-web encasing. Confused and desperate, the creatures fight among themselves, killing and slashing, with only two


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