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The Actress and The Cup

Monday, October 31 2016

       I am near a stadium, which I see to the top right of my vision. There are many people gathered there to see the show. A girl in particular seems to be acting strange. As the show begins, I see from her perspective that it is very very dark. Sometimes, the light shines to emphasize the nature of the show. The girl takes these moments to quickly walk towards the top left corner of the stadium (from an upper perspective). She soon reaches her parents, and she soon reveals

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Nice Meal

Tuesday, July 30 2013

My sister and I are walking on a street. I take something out of my backpack, revealing it to be two sticks of cotton candy. We eat it--tasting very sweet (although noted when I was awake, not quite as sweet as real-life cotton candy). We continue walking across some sand, water, when we see a person by the side selling food. "What would you like to order?" She asks. I order a hamburger and a drink, which she turns back and gives with some napkins wrapping it in only a few seconds


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