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Basketball Audition

Wednesday, December 9 2015

      I'm auditioning for basketball, however, there are many people surrounding me, and my palms are very sweaty, and I am very nervous. The basketball hoop looks like none I have ever seen before, almost like a venus flytrap. With the others going on and about, some cheering and others booing, a general chaotic scenery, I lose my concentration and miss the hoop by great amounts, while the others jeer and taunt me. I complain that if I had more concentration I'd be a

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Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Thursday, August 27 2015

      I ask for my dream guide. This time it's a she. She looks like my sister, wearing a pink jacket over a cute outfit. She is very nice and patient as usual, except she talks like Beemo (from Adventure Time) and I ask her for a nature flight. (Based on my mother's favorite dream in real life) She fulfills it with me being surprised that she did not speak any japanese. I am transported to an amazing area with green trees, flowing rivers, singing birds, and Prin


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