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School Time

Sunday, July 17 2016

       I am in the first day of senior school, and I am overjoyed to go through the classes and see Jamie in my three main AP courses. I also greet my sister while walking through the halls. While in one of the classes, an unexpected event occurs in which a wrecking ball crashes through and combines two classes into the same class (they were neighboring classrooms).

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Save Mickey!

Sunday, March 8 2015

I'm in a room watching a cartoon on a TV in which Mickey Mouse seems to be in trouble. Nearby, (Still in the TV) Goofy goes crazy, yelling out "I have to help him! Mickey, I'm coming!" And there was a phone call in which I was requested to help them out as well. I shook my head as I noted "it's just in the TV" as Patrick Star (From Spongebob Squarepants) in the room, standing by and also watching the TV, yells out in confusion, with (empty) thr


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