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Thursday, December 24 2015

  This is the second dream in a night of three dreams (don't worry, there's a link back here). I go back to sleep to see a mostly white background, and hear two girls presumably from my programming class (conscious observation), and they are discussing my favorite show, MLP, with mentions of the main character Twilight. They then start singing Equestria, the Land I Love, with the first verse (sounding like the guitar from the first singing): "Equestria, the la

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Garden and New Telekinesis

Monday, March 2 2015

I seem to be intruding into a house. Examining the area, I find a very stern woman ordering her persumed daughter around. I thus try to exit the house through a door, listening as the woman locks the back door [for some currently unknown reason, it is later revealed that she is conversing secretly with another person]; with what sounds like a gazillion switches and gears. I thus follow her lead and open all the complex switch and gears on the door in front of me, and I follow a little route down


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