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Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Thursday, November 5 2015

     TDLR version: I ask subconscious to show me something hilarious, inspire me, get me to ocean, 20,000 leagues, then explain why "mastermind" faked his death.       Full Version: There is a vague dream about my alarm that transitions into a wooden log house in the Land of Oz (in modern day). My sister and I along with another resident in the area watch a show (on TV) before going outside. The roads are dangerous with the cars zooming by, ig

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Legos and odd Table-turn

Friday, September 18 2015

      My sister and I are playing legos. The scene transitions to a restroom with a man who has problems and needs to go to the restroom constantly. He takes a bet against his friend and speaks very curtly in a vulgar manner. He is able to keep on "doing his business", so to speak, but I am disgusted and turn away. As he keeps on going with the annoying sound and the splash seen from a distance away, I'm so annoyed that I turn the tables against him-- with surprising


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