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The portal

Tuesday, December 8 2015

    I'm in a shopping cart and either I remember someone calling me by a nickname, or I called myself-- "Indiana Jones". In any case, the cart is quite quick and moves past people, with them avoiding me as I go by, but with some people narrowly getting hit by the cart's front wheels. It turns out I have to get to this portal quickly. I go faster and faster but worry about going too fast, so I skillfully maneuver over towards a curb on the sidewalk and slid myself down

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Strange security

Sunday, April 7 2013

I walk around, seeing a man smile, but then dragged away by various guards. Another man whispers to me, barely opening his mouth: "Don't show your teeth. They'll catch you." And I reply back, covering my mouth: "Thanks. Be careful." Then I enter the facility, finding a person with a bunch of other people. A manager seems to enter the room and talk to him a while about something.


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