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Fighting Master

Sunday, April 10 2016

       I am in a temple with many fighters. One of them challenges me and I fend him off easily with wing chun. Before I defeat him, though, I suddenly switch to only my right hand. (later revealed in another dream to be very impressive, because I am left-handed within dreams) He severely damages me due to my lack of defense, but I still manage to beat him. I then ask him: "Just curious, what's your martial arts experience?" He responds: "I'm

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Fighting for JUSTICE

Saturday, March 5 2016

        In the beginning of the dream, I am walking around in a building when some four men practically corner another guy, leaving him no room to escape. They are all of different stature and size, with the man on the left being chubby and wearing a formal outfit.          I step in between them and state casually that I could defeat them by only using one hand. They scoff at this and ask me to prove it, to which I respond to by putting my left ha


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