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Sunday, March 26 2017

      I become lucid and then decide to give myself synesthesia. I play a song that was in major, although I cannot recall exactly what it was. The color is a slight tint of blue with a hint of pink from Soul Sister. (Based on these hints, the song is most likely Nuvole Bianche because it gives the illusion of the sky while having Soul Sister's 4 chord progression) I remain lucid for quite a long time as I travel the very clear area around me with more detailed buildings

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The Song

Saturday, August 13 2016

          I am passionately singing an original song while seeing myself in third person. I am surrounded by golden light, like my invincibility, or a scene that is similar to "The First True Lost". I cannot remember most of the song, however, it seems to be improvised, and I keep on repeating a line, alternating between that line and a changing line. The theme seems to be about personality and improving upon yourself. I can't remember the tune but it might

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Thursday, December 24 2015

  This is the second dream in a night of three dreams (don't worry, there's a link back here). I go back to sleep to see a mostly white background, and hear two girls presumably from my programming class (conscious observation), and they are discussing my favorite show, MLP, with mentions of the main character Twilight. They then start singing Equestria, the Land I Love, with the first verse (sounding like the guitar from the first singing): "Equestria, the la


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