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A difficult Monster

Saturday, September 3 2016

          A metalic huge monster is rampaging and destroying the city from the very center. It is very difficult to defeat and one of the most powerful opponents I have ever faced. In fact, it is so difficult to beat, and has so much power, it defeats me multiple times, flinging me cross the city, crashing me into the ground. Despite different strategies and powers, I still cannot defeat the monster. In fact, each time I face the monster, it kills the same person over an

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Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Thursday, August 27 2015

      I ask for my dream guide. This time it's a she. She looks like my sister, wearing a pink jacket over a cute outfit. She is very nice and patient as usual, except she talks like Beemo (from Adventure Time) and I ask her for a nature flight. (Based on my mother's favorite dream in real life) She fulfills it with me being surprised that she did not speak any japanese. I am transported to an amazing area with green trees, flowing rivers, singing birds, and Prin


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