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Dangerous Swamp

Thursday, November 17 2016

     I read up a Wikipedia Entry on a character in a supposedly fictional universe. This character is a doll at the bottom of a swamp, and is very dangerous. In a flashback, it reveals that numerous monsters have wandered into this swamp, but have all not gotten far before sinking into the mud helplessly. I read the WIkipedia and find that the doll has powers of fire at the very least, and has even more than merely fire protecting her. Her powers are measured in such a way th

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Monday, June 29 2015

      I am walking to some place across a swamp, however, the ground aggravatingly slows me down for some reason, and I can only high-knee my way across. A mysterious being or a person is timing me, and I have to make it across the territory before a point in time, otherwise I will be petrified in place forever. I lumber around, walking faster and faster, fearing I wouldn't make it. The being starts counting down, and I slide down towards this land, thinking I had ma


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