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Skelly McSword

Tuesday, December 29 2015

        I am fighting a skeleton who has a sword. He punches with great force, but I also surprise him, with his exclamation: "Your punch!" While doubling back under the force of my ultimate punch. He slowly gains the upper hand due to his nature as a skeleton, so I desperately begin my counter-attack with my own sword drawn from behind me (using my right hand), slashing, trying to disarm him. However, he is much too good and his previous upper-hand left me weak aga

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The Mighty Skull Flame!!

Monday, January 12 2015

     My sister and I run across a rocky terrain to a series of metal monkey bars followed by other obstacles, with below an infinite abyss. I mention something concerning "The previous champion has to wait a while before he can come, so we can get a head-start..." (Inferring that the obstacle course was a competitive event). Gripped by terror, I quickly glance away from the ground behind (and beneath) me, quickly traveling across the monkey bars. I jump on a platfor


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