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Broken Phone... Am I Dreaming?

Lucid Intent
Sunday, February 3 2013

I was riding a boat around at night on some little intertwined canals in a swampy little town that was apparently near where I grew up.  Somehow I fell into the water and found that the water was causing my new phone to deteriorate.  I found myself on a wide wooden dock, examining my phone.  Half of it was gone, but the screen was still mostly there and seemed fully functional.  I called my dad to tell him that my phone was broken, or at least was most certainly going to brea

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Missing my nose?

Friday, June 6 2008

     I had a dream that I woke up and felt extremely congested, nasally.  I got up and Jeremy came in and asked if something was wrong with my nose.  I told him that I didn't know, and I went and looked in the mirror and my entire nose was gone.  There was just a bloody hole in my face.  It was horrifying.  And disgusting.  I can't remember the bulk of my dream, but ultimately I rinsed it all off with water and my nose healed itself almost


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