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Accidental Bunny Murder and Naps

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, August 11 2010

     I took a long nap this afternoon and had this horrible dream that I kept waking up from a nap after having recurring nightmares.  It was not very cohesive so it's hard to remember most of it and when I kept "waking up."  These are the worst nightmares for me.  Usually I do not know that I am dreaming when I am which can make things horrifically reaslistic, but what is even worse is when I dream that I wake up from a dream because then I am certain that I a

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Nightmare had as a child, brought on by high fever

Monday, June 6 1994

     It was sunny out and I was playing in a playground.  I was six or seven years old, and I was playing on a tireswing with my mom sitting in front of me on a bench.  I was laying on my stomach, kicking off of the ground to spin myself.  All of a sudden my mom sternly said, "Don't touch the ground!"  I tried to pull myself up onto the tireswing, but felt myself slipping and my toes kept touching the dirt.  She began shouting at me, "DON'T TOUCH


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