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Minotaur Portal

Sunday, September 13 1987

        Morning of September 13, 1987. Sunday.         I am not a main character here, it seems. My dream seems to focus on a different male. There are some extraordinary scenes that capture ancient Greece in amazing ways, including some sort of unusual mood that I cannot quite describe.         There is some sort of theme related to reincarnation, though I doubt the Minoans or the Greeks would have had belief in this concep

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School-Bus-Plane Over Ancient Greece

Sunday, November 16 1969

        Night of November 16, 1969. Sunday.        In my dream, which is quite quite vivid (even though it seems to be occurring in very deep middle-of-the-night sleep), I am riding the bus to school in the morning and soon notice that the school bus is actually now an airplane from the unfamiliar aerial views I take in and enjoy. There is a feeling of comfort and security.         However, it seems rather unusual (in terms


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