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Aztec Encounter

Monday, August 25 2014

        Morning of August 25, 2014. Monday.         This is a long dream that "resets" at least once and mostly repeats but a lot of detail did not seem that significant.         It mainly relates to a group of supposedly traditional Aztec people. I am not sure if they have somehow traveled through time or are descendents that have lived mostly in total isolation from western society and mentality.     &nb

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Laser Rifle and Hidden Temples

Lucid Intent

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Monday, June 23 2014

        Morning of June 23, 2014. Monday.        This was a very long dream. Much of the first part takes place at distorted composite locations, although one location is much like a slightly bigger and slightly different version of my sister Marilyn’s house. I am with my wife and Marilyn is around, alive, and at a younger age (about forty, I think). There is a scene involving cassette tapes and some sort of idea of dubbing or recording over them w


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