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Tearing Up a Catwoman Photograph

Lucid Intent
Thursday, December 17 2015

        Morning of December 17, 2015. Thursday.        In my dream, I am aware of our family as they are now, though our house seems somewhat different, with typically rotated or mirrored features in relationship to other rooms (not rotated or mirrored as a whole). The back story seems to imply that we had been to some sort of carnival earlier in the afternoon or similar type of event related to television shows or movies. There were a few celebrities th

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Buying Comic Magazines

Thursday, May 22 2014

        Morning of May 22, 2014. Thursday.        I am in a small second-hand book store in an unknown location. There are two unknown females behind the counter which is nearly chest high. There is a table with at least eight piles of comic magazines to my right that, although seem a lot like Warren magazines in overall design are actually (fictional) black-and-white Avengers comic magazines which I have not seen before (possibly from the early 1980s). I


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