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Six toes ("The Chrysalids" influence?)

Friday, December 27 2013

        Morning of December 27, 2013. Friday.        This is one of those "body" dreams; that is, the primary focus of my dream being on the condition or state of the body. Such dreams usually have magnification of imagery and "closer than possible" perspectives and are often semi-lucid. In this one, I am mostly focused on my feet.        My feet have a sort of discomfort on each outer side, sort of like when wearing

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Infinity in Role-Playing Games

Thursday, October 10 2013

        Morning of October 10, 2013. Thursday.        This dream was very long and the last section was of a very unusual highly focused conversation of which would probably fill a few pages, but I will try to include most main details. I ordinarily do not dream of longer conversations, especially from my side, as the words tend to turn into either gibberish or mixed languages (in an incoherent way) - or go off on random poetic tangents, but this one wen


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