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Gem Factory

Sunday, March 20 2016

        Morning of March 20, 2016. Sunday.         I am working in some sort of mostly unfamiliar factory setting that produces and polishes diamonds and gemstones in general. I am in cleaning and maintenance at one point, it seems.        There is a part where I am on the floor. I have to actually lick the small metal parts of a machine to clean it. The sensations of touch and motion are "realistic". It is some sort of tool

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Mixed-up celebrity dreams

Monday, October 20 2014

        Morning of October 20, 2014. Monday.        In my first dream, for some inexplicable reason, a new "MacGyver" television series is produced. Somehow, a younger Carol Burnett (around 40 or so in contrast to her present age of 81) plays MacGyver. After the first episode airs, I read a review in which it is said that she is "too polite" as the new MacGyver. My dream seems fairly long but I do not remember the overall plot of the in


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