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Taken by an "angel" to an area of "eternity"

Friday, August 2 2013

        Morning of August 2, 2013. Friday.         This is a long unusual dream, perhaps partially influenced by becoming overheated as is sometimes the case in this climate - but in the winter? - possibly also from once again absentmindedly eating a tomato product and a form of chocolate within the same two days or so, which causes an extreme allergic-like reaction, but only when such is combined within a certain time period. There have been

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Rooftop Heaven

Monday, February 9 1976

        Morning of February 9, 1976. Monday.        Nothing dramatic really happens here, but it seems to last a fair amount of time. Jesus Christ, in larger seemingly layered robes, seems to appear standing on our roof - on the northeast area near the chimney my father built, and the concept of "rooftop Heaven" comes to mind. Over time, I see "miniature clouds" moving through our backyard, not that high from the ground (only about six


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