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New Technology in an Unusual “Movie Theater”

Saturday, June 11 2016

        Morning of June 11, 2016. Saturday.        In my dream, I am in what seems to be a cafeteria (likely from minor or inconsequential hunger during sleep though I do not see any food in my dream). It is a small dining area that does not really remind me of any place I had ever been in real life. Strangely enough, the wall on one side is displaying a movie on a large screen. I am on a picnic bench closest to this wall. Other tables at the back of this

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Unusually Large Problematic Computer

Friday, October 23 2015

        Morning of October 23, 2015. Friday.        I am working on a large Microsoft Word document, but which I can no longer seem to retrieve at one point. The setting is ambiguous and I cannot resolve the actual indoor location. My computer, although it is apparently actually owned by an unknown young Japanese girl, is very large and nearly the length of the room. It has different stations, however, on both sides of its length.       &


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