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Ridiculous Battle at the Earth’s Core

Tuesday, August 10 1976

        Morning of August 10, 1976. Tuesday.        I am in a scene apparently taken out of "At the Earth's Core", except that it also seems like a scheduled wrestling match. It is a violent (though sometimes in a very unrealistic way) fight (and I assume both are adult males) between someone in a prehistoric rhinoceros (or whatever it is) costume and someone in a white airplane costume to where his arms are the wings and the front of the air

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Wrong “Tales”

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Sunday, April 23 1972

        Morning of April 23, 1972. Sunday.        This was a lucid dream. As I become more aware, I find myself in a large movie theater though in which the screen is fairly small, being only about one-fourth the size suitable for the seating of the audience even from not that far back. The theater also seems somewhat semicircular so that many people would see the screen at an odd angle from the side (this actually being a recurring setting but often dis


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