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On the Corner

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Monday, May 4 2015

        Morning of May 4, 2015. Monday.        I am standing on a street corner in an unknown area, possibly in early afternoon, the intersection on my left. I am with my wife but there are at least four other mostly unfamiliar people in the immediate area including a male about twenty years older than me to my left. There is at least one other male who I think may be a coworker named Randy from over twenty years ago. There are also at least two older wome

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Driving the Fury and Throwing out a Toad

Wednesday, May 7 2014

        Morning of May 7, 2014. Wednesday.         I seem to be at a funeral, but I am not sure who has died. It is in a harsh winter landscape at this point. There are only two other people present and they are dressed formally in 1940s attire in black (they may be older versions of my wife and I and it is also possible they are even looking at or towards their “own” tombstones). The three of us are standing on the wayside of the main road


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