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The Cage of Ancient Secrets

Friday, September 13 2013

        Morning of September 13, 2013. Friday. (Wife's birthday.)        I am much younger, perhaps twenty, living in an unfamiliar building. It may be that I share the building and have my own smaller apartment but it does seem like my own home. My main bedroom seems to be to the west of the main area (or largest rooms) of the building. To the north is a larger window, and near it, a desk upon which sits an electronic keyboard. My bed is to the left o

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I, Quetzalcoatl

Friday, June 17 1994

       Night of June 17, 1994.  Friday.        I look in the mirror and my face is somewhat serpent-like, and my “hair” is actually of dark (and some lighter) feathers instead.  I seem to be Quetzalcoatl, and feel a rather blissful sensation of love.  I am wearing a shiny golden robe which has some sort of engraving-like or embossed-like smaller indentations (of which I am not sure of the exact design -


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