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Short (“Impossible”) Bus Trip

Monday, November 23 2015

        Morning of November 23, 2015. Monday.        I am with my family on a city bus. I am not directly focused on where we are going and I have no idea what our destination is. The bus is crowded, mostly with (unknown) people who seem to be in a positive mood.        Eventually, the bus reaches what seems like the end of a hall, near the top step of a large high staircase, though which I perceive as possibly too steep for the bus to

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Transom Treasures

Lucid Intent
Sunday, November 17 1968

        Morning of November 17, 1968. Sunday.        In my dream, I am mostly wandering around in a composite location that combines features of West Elementary school in Florida and the Rose Street apartments in Wisconsin.        My school's hallways have areas that are much like the doorways with the transoms from Rose Street (which did have wooden doors into the next room). These "doorways" are oriented mostly east and


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