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[ Oh Ruby... ("Eating my heart out"), the Three Women ]

Saturday, October 26 2013

        Morning of October 26, 2013. Saturday.        This was to be posted previously, but I held back because on a particular dream journal site, someone else had already posted a similar phrase from the title only a few seconds before (though this sort of synchronicity happens continuously with me.)         The original version of my entry was mostly for fun relating to dream-work when the Planet P album inspired me dramatically y

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Special Place of Special Stones

Lucid Intent
Saturday, December 14 1996

        Morning of December 14, 1996. Saturday.         There is an odd beginning to this dream where snakes seemingly grow out of plant pots or live in them, mostly sticking out like sticks. They apparently only eat pebbles and small stones. Only one or two have their head actually under the dirt rather than sticking up and out of the dirt.         My older brother Jim (half-brother on my mother's side) comes to Aus


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