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"Dear Simon"

Sunday, July 10 2016

        Morning of July 10, 2016. Sunday.        I am in an unknown (and unfamiliar) town with some friends though I am not sure of their identity. It also seems that some relatives and possibly my wife Zsuzsanna are in the car with me, though my main focus falls on an unknown male coming out of a large business building. It seems he has a copy of a letter that I had supposedly sent him several days ago. I have a bag of letters with me in the (unfamiliar)

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Fishhead Man

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 28 2014

        Morning of December 28, 2014. Sunday.        This dream is possibly based on a very recent real-life event. An unknown male, possibly from a couple houses east of us, had yelled out "hello" from random areas on the footpath and eventually knocked, this happening two days in a row, though only once knocking each time (assuming it was the same person each day) yet immediately left before anyone could get to the door.      &


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