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Technical Follies

Lucid Intent

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Tuesday, April 28 2015

        Morning of April 28, 2015. Tuesday.        This is a series of three dream events that are not directly related. The first is a love-making scenario with wife Zsuzsanna in a completely unfamiliar location indoors. The bed, which is in a corner of the room, is at least twice as wide as it should be and a bit longer.        Later, I am in the front room of our present home on W Street and my old foreman from La Crosse (Pat, dec

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Gadget Dream

Monday, January 26 2015

        Morning of January 26, 2015. Monday.        This was a type of typical "gadget dream" where most of my dream's details are rendered fairly close to my perspective with the in-dream environment not being that clearly rendered or defined.         I am looking at a toy that I think belongs to my youngest son. I think it may need to be repaired or at least taken apart and checked. I am not sure what it is meant to d


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