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Many Babies

Sunday, November 29 2015

        Morning of November 29, 2015. Sunday.        I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and she is ready to give birth. However, we are in an "underground" hospital due to not wanting to be near mainstream society, now, or anytime in our future. We seem to be sitting on a bench in a very large room (that is somewhat like a warehouse). Over time, there are more and more babies. A black doctor is to our right, though I am between him and my wife even thou

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Three Babies and a Man

Friday, April 14 1995

        Morning of April 14, 1995. Friday.         I had an unusual dream about my wife having three babies. In-dream, whenever a person has a baby, another nearly identical but slightly smaller baby is also born. However, it seems that people never keep the second one as if it is supposedly only an organic "shell" of a person. After my wife has the three babies there are also the three living "shells", each with a bigger "twi


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