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I Was a Teenage (Female) Werewolf

Lucid Intent
Sunday, November 6 2016

        Morning of November 6, 2016. Sunday.        I am not sure who I am meant to be, but I know I am an orphan and also a werewolf. I also happen to be female. I am wandering around, walking along the side of a road. Apparently, there is a group of people who will take me in. They seem a bit like bikers, but I do not see any motorcycles. There are at least eight of them. I sit down next to an unknown woman on a grassy hill. She seems friendly enough b

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Long Cell Phone a Teenage Girl

Sunday, September 4 2016

        Morning of September 4, 2016. Sunday.        In my dream, I am a teenage girl in an unfamiliar bar with unfamiliar patrons. It seems to be evening, perhaps around nine o'clock. The setting is not very realistic as there is a row of toilet stalls along one side of the main room and opposite the counter. The first stall on the left has a broken door and no toilet. I get the impression that there may have been a fight that caused damage to the are


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