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Searching for Lost Birds and Killing Mutant Rats

Tuesday, November 15 2016

        Morning of November 15, 2016. Tuesday.        I had gone into our shed at our present address to see if I could find the birds that had escaped from their cage. It seems to be late morning. I notice the cage tipped over on the floor.        I see one bird on the floor that is attempting to fly away, but after I pick it up it seems bigger than it should be as I feel it squirming in my hand. Putting it down, I see that it is a mut

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Sudden Bed (atop a birdcage)

Wednesday, October 19 2016

        Morning of October 19, 2016. Wednesday.        I seem to be in the living room in Cubitis, possibly in early morning. However, I am somewhat puzzled by the setting and am not sure what is going on. I absentmindedly find myself being tired enough to want to take a nap. I flop down on top of a bird cage (of at least three feet high) but our oldest son does something with one of the doors with a strange vocalized "meeeeee" sound. I am not su


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