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Invisible Animals and Faux "Blue Pearl"?

Wednesday, April 2 2014

        Morning of April 2, 2014. Wednesday.        I approach the bed to appreciate the beauty of my sleeping wife and am near the foot of the mattress. Instead of my thoughts continuing logically, I find myself trying to install new faucet handles in the mattress, on the top, near one corner. I am doing this for several minutes before I mentally ask myself what I think I am doing as it makes no sense, and I already had enough of this work just previously

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Chasing a Freaky Around in my Cubitis Front Yard

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 20 2013

        Morning of November 20, 2013. Wednesday.        Once again, I am back in my childhood home in Cubitis in the large front yard. It seems to be just before dawn. This is a little like my recurring dreams where I watch inexplicable events in the sky at dawn with a feeling of nostalgia and bliss. I am semi-lucid, but my dream only becomes more vivid in the last segment.        Some of the presumed alien spaceships I see overhead are


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